Veterinary Blood
Pressure Society
Board Members

Veterinary Blood Pressure Society

Mission Statement

To promote the acquisition and transfer of knowledge amongst the veterinary community world wide concerning the importance of  blood pressure monitoring and clinical disorders of blood pressure regulation in companion animals.

Objectives of the Society

  1. To hold an international scientific meeting on annual basis to allow the exchange of knowledge on the recognition, pathophysiology, consequences, and management of disorders of blood pressure (especially high blood pressure) in companion animals.
  2. To coordinate communication between members of the society electronically through an e-mail list serve and/or Website allowing rapid transfer of information.
  3. To disseminate recently developed guidelines on measurement of blood pressure, and on the diagnosis and management of high blood pressure, to maintain these under review and suggest modifications as and when new information is published.
  4. To enhance the understanding of the pathophysiologic and clinical consequences of antihypertensive therapy and adopt rational guidelines for pharmacologic intervention in the management of high blood pressure (systemic hypertension).
  5. To encourage and facilitate collaboration among members of the Society allowing multicentre prospective studies to occur which further our understanding of all aspects of blood pressure regulation and dysregulation in veterinary medicine.
  6. To foster the interest and enthusiasm of young members of the veterinary profession in the field by providing funding to attend meetings of the Society and to undertake pilot clinical research projects that are compatible with the mission of the Society.